August 27-29 we will be at Bronner Bros, meet us at Booth 308

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From girls, by girls, for girls.

At Divaneering Lab we innovate, we impact, and we inspire.

Under our innovation arm we have set out to revolutionize the beauty tech industry with the first ever, no heat dryer for wigs and bundles.

Under our impact arm we are cultivating a pipeline of audacious and brilliant women and girls engaged in STEM & Innovation.

Our Impact

Since 2013, Divaneering has impacted hundreds of girls domestically and internationally.

Our Solution

Our dryer Spundle, is our flagship product under our innovation arm. Check out the details.


We disrupt untapped spaces with revolutionary products and services, curated curriculum, and audacious vision to drive growth and sustainable economic impact.

Vision Statement

A world where women and girls of all ethnicities and socio-economic backgrounds are in the mainstream of science, technology, engineering, innovation, and math.

Our best partners

See what they say about us

Since funding Baltimore City Recreation & Parks Divaneering Lab has been my favorite Enrichment Partner to visit! Shawna and her Lab Techs are always engaging through shared experiences, current and positive music, encouraged showcase of talents to the entire group, affirmations of self love and self actualization, but most of all through the instruction and facilitation of STEAM activities. Girls of various ages get to experience and actually see themselves in the Science Field! I have not seen anything like this program that is so catered and geared towards positive youth outcomes, especially for young women in inner city Baltimore. Shawna and team ensure each participant has what they need prior to instruction, and that every participant has enough material(s) to create whatever their minds come up with that day. Divaneering is special to it’s participates because it’s catered to everything they do naturally, but this time they get to see themselves fully in items these use or admire everyday! Shawna is a true inspiration to youth both younger and older and it shows through her facilitation and activities.
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Tiffany Snead-Rose
Program Manager of Expanded Youth Opportunities, Family League of Baltimore
Divaneering Lab provides excellent STEM programming to Baltimore City Recreation and Parks engaging girls in a variety of fun, interesting activities and projects. Program concepts includes: chemistry, biology, electrical engineering, forensics, civil engineering, mechanical engineering and intellectual property. I highly recommend this innovative program to capture participant attention as they learn while having fun and most importantly, sparks an interest in the field of science and engineering.
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Stella Clanton
Recreation Programmer, Baltimore City Recreation and Parks
I can’t wait for Spundle to launch. As a master stylist, salon suite owner, and hair distributor, this dryer will be a game changer, saving so much time and providing me with added convenience of wig and weave maintenance.
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Char Wilson
CEO, Hair by Char

Pre-Order Now,
Demo Later

I’m unable to attend the in-person demo, but would like to pre-order.

Pre-Order Now, Demo Later

I’m unable to attend the in-person demo, but would like to pre-order.

I understand that this is a non-refundable deposit ( $250USD on $2500USD full price ) for a Spundle unit to be delivered by August 2023.

I understand I will have an opportunity to demo Spundle by joining an in-person Spundle demo during the “Meet Spundle” multi-city pilot tour upon signing a NDA.

Meet Spundle, Let’s Chat!

Free Panel Discussion

Join the conversation, with Spundle’s Inventor, Shawna Stepp-Jones, and celebrity hairstylist Char Wilson, moderated by Divaneering Lab’s Chief Operating Officer NaTasha Brown.

Topics Include:

  • The Problem
  • Spundle’s Benefits
  • Evolution of Spundle
  • Founder Story
  • Lack of Innovation in the Beauty Industry

Meet Spundle at Bronner Bros

Join us in Miami at the Annual Bronner Bros International Beauty Show. August 27th-28th, Divaneering Lab will curate an exclusive Spundle demo experience. Each day, get all the details at, “Meet Spundle, Let’s Chat,” an open moderated conversation with Celebrity Hairstylist Char Wilson and Spundle’s Inventor, Shawna Stepp-Jones