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Divaneering Impact

Since 2013, Divaneering has impacted hundreds of girls domestically and internationally.

Pre-Order Now, Demo Later

I’m unable to attend the in-person demo, but would like to pre-order.

I understand that this is a non-refundable deposit ( $250USD on $2500USD full price ) for a Spundle unit to be delivered by August 2023.

I understand I will have an opportunity to demo Spundle by joining an in-person Spundle demo during the “Meet Spundle” multi-city pilot tour upon signing a NDA.

Meet Spundle, Let’s Chat!

Free Panel Discussion

Join the conversation, with Spundle’s Inventor, Shawna Stepp-Jones, and celebrity hairstylist Char Wilson, moderated by Divaneering Lab’s Chief Operating Officer NaTasha Brown.

Topics Include:

  • The Problem
  • Spundle’s Benefits
  • Evolution of Spundle
  • Founder Story
  • Lack of Innovation in the Beauty Industry

Meet Spundle at Bronner Bros

Join us in Miami at the Annual Bronner Bros International Beauty Show. August 27th-28th, Divaneering Lab will curate an exclusive Spundle demo experience. Each day, get all the details at, “Meet Spundle, Let’s Chat,” an open moderated conversation with Celebrity Hairstylist Char Wilson and Spundle’s Inventor, Shawna Stepp-Jones